Online Casinos: Regulation Blocked By Lottery?

Although the online casinos in world is to be revised in the coming months, the pace of possible reforms has recently slowed down again significantly. One reason for this could obviously be the lottery game in world. As the “Business Insider” reports, there are apparently fears that the lottery monopoly could falter due to the online casinos. Irrespective of this, the casino industry has also recently attracted attention and demanded that online gambling will take place under its roof in the future.


Concessions for online casinos in the hands of the casinos?

online casinos The debates surrounding the realignment of the State Treaty on Gaming in world seem to be picking up pace again slowly but surely. The Casino Association is not entirely uninvolved. In the person of CEO Otto Wilmerding, he recently brought up a completely new proposal: “I propose that the concessions for online gambling be awarded to stationary casinos. Regardless of whether they are operated privately or under public law. ”Wilmerding sees reasons for this primarily in the successful history and explains to the“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zesting ”that the casinos have been reliable partners of the federal states for years when it comes to it goes to the state mandate to channel the Gambling .

Accordingly, it is important that the existing concessions be extended to the online business. According to Wilmerding, this is all about game security. The expert explains: “Many players do not even know that not only the offer of online games is generally not legal, but also the use thereof.” At the same time, the CEO explains that he is in favor of liberal jurisprudence. For example, it is not in the interest of the market if the state would set betting limits for gambling. This is technically difficult to control, and he warns: “The glass player must not be the goal.” Instead, the aim was to make the legal online game of the casinos so attractive that players no longer have to resort to illegal providers without a license and regardless of the legal framework. Like many others, Wilmerding seems to be disturbed by the fact that little progress has been made so far: “Nothing has happened for a long time. That borders on government failures. A total ban is useless because players dodge. But we want to prevent online migration to illegal game worlds. “


The lottery monopoly creates a blockade in gambling negotiations

It can only be guessed why world is currently making slow progress with the reform of the gambling laws. However, the “Business Insider” recently reported that a secret report from a commissioned legal expert appears to be taking a critical look at possible full legalization. This assessment is not unimportant for the federal states, because according to the expert, the lottery monopoly would be threatened. And it is well known that the federal states regularly receive generous income from this. At the end of last year, an expert opinion was apparently commissioned, the lead of which was processed by the federal states of Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. It states: “In previous consultations, it is essential whether a move away from the legal ban in the area of ​​online casino games can be reconciled with the continued existence of the state monopoly on events for large lotteries (…).” The federal states addressed this question to a legal expert specially commissioned for this.

This came after analysis of a fairly clear mind and declared: “… The numerically unlimited opening of the Internet for casino and slot machine games, the greatest threat to the survival of the event monopoly on lotteries represent a riskier procedure is inconceivable,” clearly it’s so hard , This is a major setback for the casino industry, because there is a good chance that the federal states will follow this assessment. However, an important point fades into the background here: EU law.


EU Commission has been waiting for risk assessment from world for eight years

online casinos

For example, the expert admits that “there is also a considerable risk in the context of legal disputes”, “that the state’s monopoly on the lottery is unlawful under European law.” The reason for this is therefore that a lottery monopoly is no longer justifiable if the players can instead play more dangerous games such as slot machines online with a view to player protection. Whether the casino industry really has an interest in offering lottery games in world is more than questionable. In any case, the player protection and the addiction risk of the different types of gambling provide for vigorous discussions.

The EU Commission has been waiting for an opinion from world for around eight years in which the risk of gambling addiction of the individual types of gambling is to be validly assessed. Although the approval for the report came, it has not yet been received by the EU Commission. According to “Business insider” (the complete report is available), the legal expert commissioned does not even address this important point in his analysis. Instead, it describes three possible approaches. The first proposal stipulates that the state will continue to ban all virtual gaming offers. An alternative to this would be that the Internet games are organized by state companies, which may “make demand more difficult”. The third suggestion is to at least state control of the big game and online poker. Interesting: As the magazine reports, the firm of the commissioned expert is apparently also regularly active as a legal representative for the state lottery block.

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